Social Media and Deep Links

Social Media and Deep LinksWhen you use social media to promote your business there are a few tips that will make the process more productive. Generally you want to encourage the highest number of potential new customers to visit your website or contact you directly. But there are other considerations for small or new businesses. You also want to direct the search engine spiders to visit your site and index as many pages as possible. Over a period of several years they will eventually venture into every corner of your site, but a couple of years can seem like an eternity. There are two routes you might take to speed this process up.

(1) Create new content or articles on your site on a regular basis and link directly to these through social media. Regular fresh content has a positive effect on the return rate of the search spiders, if it is detected that your site is infrequently updated the frequency of visits is dramatically reduced. There's no point after all, looking over the same content time and again.
(2) Create social media feeds which are relevant to your products and services and link these directly to existing content on your website which is related.

Effectively both of the above approaches implement what in SEO circles is referred to as a 'Deep link'. Although you are posting information for human eyes to read, the various search engines also collect a vast amount of information through social media sites, follow links and extract content from the target page. This is all good as far as you are concerned.

Remember however the those same human eyes are attached to a brain which can quickly become bored if you use the same tactic repetitively. Post a text extract one day with a link to the content article your text came from. The next day you might create a graphic relating to a product or service and towards the end of the accompanying text insert a link to an area of your site where further information can be found. Swap and change so people become familiar with your brand, interested in your content and build trust in your service.


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