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There are all sorts of budget Wedding Website services out there. Some have advertising all over which you can't get rid of. Some pretend to be free but you need to pay up to £200 to be able to use anything other than a very basic page. All require your visitors to log into your site through a magazine site, photographers site, or some other service providers page - so you are doing their advertising for them.....

We don't think this is at all fair at Northern Living.

With over 3000 satisfied customers our Wedding Website service is unique, with functions like these - Just to name a few!:-

Photo Galleries - Have as many galleries as you like, Hen Night, Stag Night, Brides Maids fitting day, the big day itself, your 1st anniversary etc. Allow people you know and your guests to comment, but not every Tom, Dick and Harry, like Facebook...

Event Calendar - Keep all your events in one place so the Best Man knows were and when his suit fitting is and your Brides Maids actually all turn up in the right city for your Hen Night!

Electronic Invitations - Send email invitations out for multiple events, last dress fittings, the reception, the service. You have total control over who you invite to which event and can easily track who is on which list to make organizing much easier.

Our Wedding WebsiteDedicated domain name -  www.billandjayneswedding.co.uk (It's only an example – Not active as we believe in customer confidentiality) No need to send your guests through a magazine or photographers site means no advertising whatsoever. Keep your domain name for as long as you wish with no hosting costs ever.

Multiple gift lists – If you have several gift lists with various stores you can easily connect everything together in one place.

With simple instructions and 7 days support based in the UK you will find our Wedding Website service is an invaluable tool to help you organize everything smoothly, presented beautifully and even mobile friendly. All for a once only payment of £59 – Don't trust you big day to a budget site!

This is not an automated service, we pride ourselves of providing our unique service through real living people. Ordering is easy. Just complete the details below. We will check that you're chosen domain name is available the same day and get back to you as soon as possible.