Wine as it should be - With nothing addedWine is know to have existed in one form or another at the very least for over 8000 years. The basic recipe is very simple. Crush loads of grapes, trap the liquid away from the atmosphere, let the natural yeast do it's thing, drink. OK in that form it might be an acquired taste. But with a little more care and simple filtration a perfect palatable wine is not difficult to make.

However as with so many simple but good things, over the last century or so we have felt obliged to improve on nature. High volume, low cost and very long shelf lives have clearly been a driving force. Doubtlessly increased profit margins play a significant role also.

So without falling into the scare tactics sort of article style what is in your bottle of commercially produced wine which shouldn't have a place there and which you're probably not aware about?

According to The Organic Wine Club "Conventional wines are sterile, filtered and, frankly speaking, chemically neutered. Life literally has been squeezed out of them. They are full of residual pesticides and injected with high levels of sulphites to make them taste the same, prolong the shelf life and mask the flaws. Have you noticed that there is no contents information on the wine label? This is because there are dozens of additives allowed in its production: sugars, sulphites, preservatives, colour and flavour adjustment agents and more. They trigger allergic reactions, headaches and other ill effects.”

Living with an asthmatic, as I do, the most immediate concern here are the Sulphites. Although they do have to be indicated on the label unless you've had an Asthma attach induced by them you've probably never really paid them a great deal of thought. Also although I'm not an insect, I'm personally not keen on consuming or indeed drinking something which is intentionally designed to kill!

We've partnered with he Organic Wine Club to bring you some outstanding wines made how they were intended. We hope you enjoy them. Have a glass on us! (Literally we're not making anything out of this. You get the savings as the customer